Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review: Praying for Boys

Another book crossed my door steps not too long ago and I just thought that this would be a book to review (Thank you, Bethany House) and move on to the next.  However, Praying for Boys has made a huge impact in my life.  I have always wanted to do better at praying for my children.  Praying specific things for them. Praying scripture for them.  However, I get so overwhelmed by all that does need to be prayed about that I just go back to the basics.  Brooke McGlothlin does a fantastic job with this book.  She is so personal in sharing her own stories as a mother of two boys.  She is very real in allowing us to see that she is not perfect but just wants what is best for her children.  She is very simple in giving us 21 areas of prayer that we can pray over our children (and I have been praying these over my girl as well as my boy).  Each chapter focuses on one aspect that is needed in your son's life.  While you can choose to focus on the aspect for the day, you can.  However, at the end of each chapter, more scripture is given to allow for extended period of prayer time for that aspect.  Questions are even given at the end of each chapter to allow you to personalize how you are going to work on bringing that characteristic out in your son's life.  Praying for a heart change, obedience, fears, integrity, wisdom, pride, and the fruit of the Spirit are just some of the 21 characteristics in this book.  She also gives advice on how to keep going once you are done with the book and ways to get your friends involved.  This is one of the best books I have read in a long time and it will be one I pick up again and again to remind myself of my most important job.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Review: The Miner's Lady

I didn't think that this series could get any better, but I was wrong!!!  This third book, The Miner's Lady by Tracie Peterson,  was a fabulous end to the series and will not disappoint!  This book has it all - romance, murder, mystery, family feuds and forbidden love! The Panetta family and Calarco family have been at odds with each other for generations that span back to Italy.  They found themselves living in the same town and working in the same mines.  The hatred for each other is still there between the fathers of the families, but can it be resolved.  When the youngest of each family fall in love with each other, the families become even more at odds with each other.  Chantel Panetta (the oldest sister) and Dante Calarco (the oldest brother) find themselves "helping" the forbidden lovers meet with each other, and, as their paths cross more and more, one wonders if there will be more than one forbidden love.  Family feuds are not the only problem in the town.  There is a gambling issue as well and the Panetta brothers are suspecting that there are other issues going along with it.  When more than one family tragedy strikes both families, can it bring the families together?  Tracie Peterson does a wonderful job developing her characters and the plot.  You really never know where the story is going to go.  I would highly recommend this book and this entire series to anyone.
I have been given this book by Bethany House to review, but the ideas are my own!

Book Review: Rules for Murder

I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for a review of it. I was trying to branch out to try new genres not just for me but for my book club. I chose to receive Rules for Murder by Julianna Deering. I was not impressed with this book. I had such a hard time getting into the book. I was easily confused from the very beginning of the book. I had a very hard time keeping up with the characters in the story. I don't know if it was trying to keep up with the whole story plot, the characters or even the British elements in the story. I really was disappointed because I was looking so forward to reading this one. Others of you may have better luck with it! I will not give up on this author though! I will try again!

Book Review: The Quarryman's Bride

I received a book from Bethany House to read and then review.  I always enjoy their books and The Quarryman's Bride by Tracie Peterson was of NO exception.  I really was not expecting the storyline to be like it was.  So many Christian authors repeat the same storyline just changing the characters and setting a bit.  However, this was so unlike the first book in the series.  Immediately your heart went out to Emmalyne, her situation and her whole family.  I just could not put the book down as I was kept under the spell of Emmalyne and Tavin's future story, present story and future.  Seeing the change that took place in all the characters was so heartwarming and made you realize people can change with God in their lives.  I would recommend this book to anyone!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

3, Really 4, Months?

Has it really been almost 4 months since I have posted on my blog?  To be honest, it feels like a year has gone by!  Never in my life I have been so busy . . . tired . . . overwhelmed . . . you name it - I have felt it, I think.

I do hope to update soon because we have a lot going on this holiday season that I want to remember.  I  guess I have my work cut out for me now!!!

I wonder where all those pictures are now . . .

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Beautiful Ending to a Beautiful Summer

That's right.
Our summer is OVER.
It went by so fast and, to be honest, it is really suppose to be over now.
However, even though my room at school is FAR from being ready . . . 
Even though I have not written one single lesson plan . . . 
Even though I really should be at school . . . 
I really need to have a day with my kids.
That's important.

When you ask my kids where they want to go on a beautiful summer day. . . 
they WILL answer - 
So off we went.

It was a gorgeous summer day!
Once we got to the park, we rode with our windows down.
We enjoyed some new parts of the park as well as some of our favorite spots.
We saw more wildlife than ever before.

Here are some of the highlights!


A beautiful day . . .
A beautiful way to end the summer . . . 
Can't wait to see what God has in store for us this next school year!

Saying Goodbye . . . .

One of the hardest things about camp is saying goodbye . . .
to friends you have made . . . 
to people who have made your life better . . . 

This was one of those years.  We knew it was going to be hard, but we remember how blessed our lives have been because of the people who have been a part of it the last year, two years and even 4 years.
Many call MSYC "Heaven on Earth," and the more I see of it - the more I agree with that.
The people you meet at MSYC make you want to live a life on earth (and help you live a life on earth) that will prepare you for eternity in heaven.
You just have to love it.

LB, Sofia, Rileigh and Madlyn

Emily and LB

COUSIN picture!!!!
Dear, Sweet Audrey
Hayley and LB
 We have only ever known camp with Steven . . . how different next year will be without him.

Precious McKenzie who has LOVED these girls all 3 weeks they have been at camp.

Lanie and LB
 How we will miss Scott as well . . . 

There's nowhere else they would rather be!
LB, Rachel and Madlyn

So glad my children have a "Heaven on Earth," and that they take advantage of it
as often as they do!

MSYC Week 8 - The Final Week

For the last 3 years LB and Madlyn have just had "Camp L&M" time while the "big"
kids went off to camp for the last week.  Last year, they decided that they could handle 
Week 8 of MSYC with the big kids and have really spent the whole year 
psyching themselves up for it!!

Now that it is here - they are PUMPED and ready for a great week with wonderful friends!

Wrapping Up Week 7 MSYC

On Friday, we went to pick up Carter from camp.
All I found was this . . . .

Really?  Tacky Day was over on Thursday MORNING!!!!
My. Stars.
Despite my asking begging, he kept it on through the silly songs and
awards ceremony.

and even his picture with his counselor Steven.

Then I convinced him to take it off, and well
I just took it off of him so the rest of the pictures could be decent - 
as any picture with him is going to be!

with Scott
with his new BFF, Baylor

with cousin Tom

and Ben

and Matt

and his JC, Robbie

I am thrilled with the fact that Carter LOVES camp!!!
He is already making plans for next year.
Heaven on earth . . . right here in Henderson!
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